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Hong Kong - particular places to see

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I would recommend skipping the Disneyland because it is very expensive and too small. Instead go to Ocean Park. It is much larger and has so much more to offer. It is cheaper, has a huge aquarium, a large rollercoaster area. It is very clean and very nice. Everyone I have taken to Hong Kong liked it much better. 

I highly recommend the Hong Kong Museum of Art. It is filled with stunning ancient Chinese works of art. 

On Kowloon there is a street called Temple Street which at night becomes a big night market. The area also has a lot of shops selling Buddhist merchandise. You can get some really unique things there. Granted there is a lot of tourist things, but there is also much more high quality items also. The street ends at the Tin Hao Temple which is nice to visit.

The Hong Kong Park located in Central is very nice. It is a beautiful park with a lot to see. It has a very nice tea museum there and a huge aviary filled with Chinese birds. It allows you to walk among the treetops on a elevated walkway. It is very nice. 

Hong Kong is gorgeous, espcially at night. I"d recommend taking a star ferry cruise around Victoria Harbor. The boats are over a hundred years old and it is a really great way to see the city. 

Hollywood Road in Central is lined with fun antique shops. A lot of the antiques are not quite so old, but it is still a fun place to visit. The end of the street has a very unique temple called the Man Mo Temple which is free to enter.

The century old trams are a fun way to get around Central I recommend hopping on one and just riding it. It"ll give you a nice cheap tour of the city.

Of course you have to visit Victoria Peak. Go in the late afternoon so you can watch the city light up. It is really gorgeous.

The Ladies market is very famous, but I was not impressed with it. It just sells cheap souvenirs. 

The Ginsing and Bird"s Nest Street in Soho on Hong Kong Island is a lot of fun. It sells traditional Chinese medicinal items. You probably wouldn"t purchase much, or anything, but it is a lot of fun to stroll through. 

The Avenue of Stars on the tip of Kowloon Peninsula is pretty worthless, but the views of Hongkong Island and Victoria Harbor are quite stunning. 

These are my suggestions. These are the places I always visit when I go to Hong Kong which is about once a year. 


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